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Topics and idioms for the Speaking Club on 5th August: 🙂😇

Level 3:

Working and living abroad

• Do you think working abroad offers more career opportunities than working in your homeland? Why or why not?

• What are the potential benefits of living abroad for your personal growth and development?

• Are there any specific challenges people face when working in a foreign country? How can they overcome these challenges?

• How important is it to learn the local language when working abroad? Can you share any language learning tips?

• What are some cultural differences you might encounter while working abroad? How can you adapt to them?

• Share an idiom related to taking risks in pursuit of career opportunities and provide an example of how you could use it.

• What factors would you consider before deciding to move to another country for work?

• Discuss an idiom related to adapting to a new work environment and explain its meaning.

• How does working abroad impact your relationships with family and friends back home?

• Share an idiom that describes the feeling of being homesick while living abroad and give an example of when you might use it.

• What are the potential advantages of staying in your homeland for your career and personal life?

• Discuss an idiom related to seizing opportunities and how it can be applied in the context of working abroad.

• How do you think working abroad can enhance your professional skills and experiences?

• Share an idiom about embracing change and explain when it could be relevant to working in a foreign country.

• What are some of the common misconceptions people have about working and living abroad?

• Discuss an idiom related to working hard to achieve success in your homeland or abroad.

• How does the concept of "home" change when you live and work in a foreign country?

• Share an idiom about being resourceful in challenging situations while working abroad.

• How can working abroad contribute to a broader perspective on global issues and cultural awareness?

• Share an idiom that encourages embracing new challenges and explain its meaning in a career context.

• How can working abroad provide you with opportunities for professional growth and career advancement that might be limited in your homeland?

• Discuss the advantages of experiencing a new culture and lifestyle while working in a foreign country.

• In what ways can working abroad improve your language skills and communication abilities?

• Share an example of how working in a diverse international environment can lead to innovative thinking and problem-solving.

• How can exposure to different work practices and business cultures abroad enhance your adaptability and flexibility as a professional?

• What are some potential challenges of navigating a different legal and bureaucratic system while working abroad?

• Discuss the disadvantages of being away from your family and support network in your homeland when working overseas.

• How can the language barrier become a significant obstacle in certain work settings while living abroad?

• Share an example of how homesickness can affect your work performance and overall well-being when working in a foreign country.

• What are some of the potential cultural misunderstandings that could arise in the workplace when interacting with colleagues from diverse backgrounds?

• What are the potential financial benefits of working in your homeland compared to working abroad?

• Discuss the economic implications of remittances sent back to your homeland while working in a foreign country.

Level 2:

Recreational activities

• What is your favorite summer activity to do outdoors? Why do you enjoy it?

• Share a fun experience you had while playing with friends at the beach or in a park during the summer.

• What are some water activities you can participate in during the hot summer months?

• Do you like camping? If so, what are your favorite things to do while camping in the summer?

• What are some indoor activities you enjoy during extremely hot summer days?

• Share a memory of a family picnic or barbecue you had during the summer.

• What sports can you play outdoors with your friends during summer vacation?

• Describe a special trip or vacation you went on during a past summer break.

• How do you stay cool during the summer? What are your favorite treats to beat the heat?

• Share a story of learning a new skill or hobby related to summer activities.

• Do you enjoy gardening during the summer? What plants or flowers have you grown?

• What are some creative crafts or DIY projects you like to do when it's hot outside?

• Share a favorite summer memory involving water games or swimming.

• What are some popular summer games you play with your family or friends?

• How do you keep yourself safe during outdoor activities in the summer?

• Describe your ideal summer day from morning to night, including all the activities you would do.

• What is your favorite place to go for a summer vacation? Why do you like it?

• Share a story of a summer adventure you had with your siblings or cousins.

• What are some ways you can help protect the environment while enjoying summer activities?

• If you could create a brand new summer activity, what would it be, and how would you play it?

• Idiom: "Cool as a cucumber" Definition: To remain calm and composed, especially in stressful situations. Example: Despite the intense heat, Sarah remained as cool as a cucumber during the sports competition.

• Idiom: "In the dog days of summer" Definition: Refers to the hottest and most humid period of summer. Example: During the dog days of summer, it's best to stay indoors and keep hydrated to avoid the heat.

• Idiom: "Make hay while the sun shines" Definition: To take advantage of an opportunity while it's available.

• Idiom: "The long, hot summer" Definition: A phrase used to describe a prolonged period of difficult or challenging times. Example: The farmers were worried about their crops during the long, hot summer without enough rain.

• Idiom: "Take a rain check" Definition: To decline an invitation for now but suggest doing it at a later, more convenient time. Example: Sam couldn't join the summer picnic, but he asked for a rain check, ho

• Idiom: "The grass is always greener on the other side" Definition: Believing that other people's situations or circumstances are better than one's own, often unrealistically. Example: Jenny wished she could be on vacation like her friends, but she realized that the grass is always greener on the other side.

• Idiom: "Bite the bullet" Definition: To face a difficult or unpleasant situation bravely and resolutely. Example: Even though it was scorching outside, the kids decided to bite the bullet and complete their outdoor project.


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