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Topics and idioms for the Speaking Club on July 22nd:

Level 3:

Social Media Heroes & Jobs

• What do you think are the best jobs on social media? Can you describe one of them using the idiom "influencer"?

• How has social media transformed the way we perceive job opportunities? Can you think of a situation where someone "seized the moment"?

• Idiom: "seize the moment"

• Definition: To take advantage of an opportunity without hesitation or delay.

• Example: "A friend of mine seized the moment when a popular company had an opening for a social media manager and quickly applied. She got the job and now manages their online presence."

• Who is your favorite hero in a movie, and what characteristics make them a "true-blue hero"?

• Idiom: "true-blue hero"

• Definition: A genuine and authentic hero who embodies noble qualities such as bravery, selflessness, and integrity.

• Example: "In the movie 'Braveheart,' William Wallace is a true-blue hero, leading his people fearlessly in their fight for freedom."

• Do you think heroes in movies influence society's perception of real-life heroes? Can you share an example of someone "rising to the occasion"?

• Idiom: "rise to the occasion"

• Definition: To handle a challenging situation or responsibility with skill and determination.

• Example: "When a crisis struck our community, many volunteers rose to the occasion, providing aid and support to those in need."

• How has social media contributed to the rise of modern heroes? Can you think of someone who "goes the extra mile" in their online activism?

• Idiom: "go the extra mile"

• Definition: To make additional effort beyond what is expected or required.

• Example: "Greta Thunberg goes the extra mile in her online activism, tirelessly advocating for environmental issues and inspiring millions of people worldwide."

• In your opinion, how have movies portrayed the impact of social media on different professions? Can you think of a character who "hit the big time" through their online presence?

• Idiom: "hit the big time"

• Definition: To become successful and famous, especially in a career or profession.

• Example: "The protagonist in the movie 'The Social Network' hit the big time when his social media platform became a global sensation."

• What skills and traits are necessary for individuals pursuing a career in social media management? Can you think of an idiom that represents someone who is "tech-savvy"?

• Idiom: "tech-savvy"

• Definition: Someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in using technology, especially digital devices and online platforms.

• Example: "To excel in social media management, one must be tech-savvy and well-versed in the latest digital marketing trends."

• How has social media influenced the concept of fame and success? Can you think of a celebrity who "hit the jackpot" through viral videos or online content?

• Idiom: "hit the jackpot"

• Definition: To achieve significant success, often unexpectedly or in a way that brings great rewards.

• Example: "Susan Boyle hit the jackpot when her audition on 'Britain's Got Talent' went viral, launching her singing career and making her an overnight sensation."

• Are there any downsides to pursuing a career as a social media content creator? Can you share a story of someone who "burned the candle at both ends" to achieve their online goals?

• Idiom: "burn the candle at both ends"

• Definition: To work excessively long hours or overextend oneself physically and mentally.

• Example: "Some content creators burn the candle at both ends by constantly producing content to keep their audience engaged, leading to burnout and exhaustion."

• How do movie heroes use social media to their advantage? Can you think of a character who "stole the show" by engaging with fans online?

• Idiom: "steal the show"

• Definition: To attract the most attention or praise in a particular event or situation.

• Example: "The lead actor in a blockbuster movie often steals the show by interacting with fans on social media, creating excitement and buzz around the film's release."

• In your opinion, how have real-life heroes utilized social media for charitable causes? Can you share an example of someone who "went above and beyond" to raise funds for a noble mission?

• Idiom: "go above and beyond"

• Definition: To make extraordinary efforts or take additional actions beyond what is expected or required.

• Example: "A group of volunteers went above and beyond by organizing online fundraisers and events to support a children's hospital, raising substantial funds for medical treatments and facilities."

• Have you noticed any "dark horses" in the social media industry who achieved unexpected success? How did they manage to "stand out from the crowd" amidst tough competition?

• Idiom: "dark horse"

• Definition: An underdog or little-known person who unexpectedly achieves great success or wins a competition.

• Example: "The startup company, once considered a dark horse in the social media market, stood out from the crowd by offering unique features and excellent user experience, leading to rapid growth."

Level 2:

Topic 1: Friendship

• What is the definition of friendship? Friendship is a special bond between two or more people who care about and support each other.

• Why is friendship important? Friendship is essential because it makes life more enjoyable and provides a sense of belonging.

• What are some qualities of a good friend? Some qualities of a good friend are trustworthiness, kindness, and the ability to listen and understand.

• What does the idiom "birds of a feather flock together" mean?

• This idiom means that people with similar interests or characteristics tend to spend time together.

Example: Sarah and Emily love playing soccer, so they became friends because birds of a feather flock together.

• What does the phrase "BFF" stand for? BFF stands for "Best Friends Forever" and is used to describe a very close and long-lasting friendship.

• How can you show appreciation to your friends? You can show appreciation to your friends by saying thank you, helping them when they need it, and spending time together.

• What is the meaning of the expression "to have someone's back"?

• This expression means to support and protect someone, especially during difficult times.

Example: Even though they had an argument, Tom still had Peter's back when he needed help.

• How can you resolve conflicts with your friends? You can resolve conflicts with your friends by talking openly, listening to each other, and finding a compromise.

• What does the saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed" mean? This saying means that a true friend is someone who is there to help and support you when you are in trouble.

• Example: When Alex was sick, his friend Mark brought him some soup and stayed to keep him company - a friend in need is a friend indeed.

• What are some fun activities you can do with your friends? You can play games together, go to the park, have a picnic, watch movies, or explore new hobbies as a group.

Topic 2: Dreams and Aspirations

• What are dreams and aspirations? Dreams and aspirations are the goals, hopes, and ambitions that people have for their future.

• Why is it important to have dreams and aspirations?

• Dreams and aspirations give us a sense of purpose and motivation to work towards our desired future.

• What does the idiom "reach for the stars" mean? This idiom means to set high goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them.

Example: Even though it's challenging, Jane will reach for the stars and become a famous painter someday.

• How can you make your dreams come true? You can make your dreams come true by setting clear goals, staying determined, and persevering through challenges.

• What does the phrase "chase your dreams" mean?

• This phrase encourages you to actively pursue your goals and not give up on them.

Example: Tony decided to chase his dreams of becoming a musician and practiced playing the guitar every day.

• What are some common dreams and aspirations for young people? Common dreams and aspirations for young people include becoming a doctor, a teacher, an athlete, or a musician.

• What does the saying "follow your heart" mean? This saying advises you to listen to your inner feelings and passions when making important life decisions.

Example: Sophia followed her heart and chose to study marine biology because she loved the ocean and its creatures.

• How can you overcome obstacles that may come in the way of your dreams? You can overcome obstacles by staying positive, seeking support from others, and learning from failures.

• What does the expression "dream big" mean? This expression encourages you to set ambitious and grand goals for yourself.

Example: Don't be afraid to dream big; you can achieve great things with hard work and dedication.

• How can you support your friends in pursuing their dreams? You can support your friends by encouraging them, offering help when needed, and celebrating their successes.

• What does the saying "two peas in a pod" mean? This saying refers to two people who are very similar and get along well together.

Example: Jenny and Lisa are like two peas in a pod; they both love art and have the same sense of humor.

• How can you make new friends? You can make new friends by being open, introducing yourself, and showing genuine interest in getting to know others.

• What is the meaning of the expression "to mend fences"? This expression means to repair a broken friendship or improve a strained relationship.

Example: After their argument, Susan and Maria decided to sit down and talk, hoping to mend fences and become friends again.

• Can you have more than one best friend? Yes, you can have more than one best friend. Best friends are those you are closest to and trust the most.

• What does the idiom "to be thick as thieves" mean? This idiom describes a close friendship where two people are very loyal to each other and share secrets.

Example: John and Mike have been best friends for years; they are thick as thieves and always support each other.

• What does the saying "the sky's the limit" mean? This saying suggests that there are no boundaries to what you can achieve; you can aim as high as you want.

Example: Don't be afraid to try new things; the sky's the limit, and you might discover talents you never knew you had.

• Can dreams change over time? Why? Yes, dreams can change over time because as we grow and experience new things, our interests and goals may evolve.

• What is the meaning of the expression "to live the dream"? This expression means to be living the life you've always wanted or to be experiencing great success and happiness.

• Example: Ever since she became a famous author, Lucy feels like she's living the dream and couldn't be happier.

• How can you stay motivated when pursuing your dreams? You can stay motivated by reminding yourself of your goals, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and celebrating small achievements.

• What does the idiom "to have a dream come true" mean? This idiom means that something you have desired for a long time finally becomes a reality.

Example: Winning the championship was a dream come true for the soccer team; they worked hard and achieved their goal.



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