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Speaking Club August 19th.😇

Level 3:

• In today's rapidly changing world, what skills and traits do you believe are essential for individuals to achieve success?

• Some successful individuals have faced criticism or controversy. How do you think these challenges impact their success and public perception?

• Is there a difference between being successful in one's personal life versus being successful in one's professional life? Can you provide examples?

• The concept of work-life balance is often discussed in relation to successful people. What are your thoughts on this balance, and how do successful individuals manage it?

• How important is the role of mentorship and guidance from others in achieving success? Can you think of any influential mentors who have helped shape successful people's careers?

• What do you think are the most pressing global problems that young people are dealing with today?

• How has social media impacted the way young people engage with global issues?

• Climate change is a major concern. How can young people contribute to mitigating its effects?

• How do you see the relationship between economic inequality and opportunities for youth around the world?

• Cyberbullying and online harassment affect many young people. What can be done to address this issue?

• Education is essential for personal development. How can we ensure access to quality education for all young people globally?

• Mental health challenges among youth are on the rise. What steps can societies take to provide better support?

• How can young people promote inclusivity and diversity in their communities and beyond?

• Many young people are passionate about activism. What causes do you think are worth advocating for?

• Technology has brought both opportunities and challenges. How can youth navigate its potential negative impacts?

• Health issues such as substance abuse and unhealthy lifestyles are prevalent among youth. How can society address these problems?

• The job market is evolving rapidly. What skills and qualities should young people develop to succeed in this changing landscape?

• Global conflicts and violence impact youth disproportionately. How can young people contribute to peace-building efforts?

• Environmental sustainability is crucial. How can youth influence their communities to be more environmentally conscious?

• Access to clean water and sanitation remains a challenge in many parts of the world. How can young people contribute to solving this issue?


• Bite the Bullet:

• Definition: To face a difficult situation with courage and determination.

• Example: "Even though the exam was tough, I knew I had to bite the bullet and do my best."

• Up a Creek (Without a Paddle):

• Definition: To be in a difficult or challenging situation with no obvious solution or help.

• Example: "After my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, I was really up a creek without a paddle."

• Burning the Midnight Oil:

• Definition: Working late into the night, usually to complete a task or meet a deadline.

• Example: "I've been burning the midnight oil to finish my project before the presentation tomorrow."

• Between a Rock and a Hard Place:

• Definition: Stuck in a situation where you have to choose between two equally difficult options.

• Example: "I'm between a rock and a hard place – I can either lose my job by refusing to work overtime or sacrifice time with my family."

Hit the Nail on the Head:

• Definition: To accurately describe or identify a situation, problem, or solution.

• Example: "Sarah hit the nail on the head when she said that lack of communication was the main issue affecting the team's performance."


• Who is a successful person you admire and why? What qualities or achievements make them stand out to you?

• In your opinion, what are some common characteristics or habits that many successful people share?

• Do you think success is solely determined by financial wealth, or are there other factors that contribute to a person's success?

• Can you think of any examples of people who achieved success through perseverance despite facing numerous challenges? What can we learn from their stories?

• How has the definition of success evolved over time, and how does it differ across cultures and societies?


• On Cloud Nine:

• Definition: To be extremely happy and elated due to a sense of accomplishment or success.

• Example: "After receiving the promotion at work, Sarah was on cloud nine for days."

• In the Driver's Seat:

• Definition: To be in control of a situation or to have the power to make decisions that affect the outcome.

• Example: "With his innovative ideas, Alex found himself in the driver's seat of the company's new project."

Rise to the Occasion:

• Definition: To perform exceptionally well and meet the challenges of a particular situation or task.

• Example: "Even though he was nervous, John rose to the occasion and delivered an impressive presentation to the clients."

Level 2:


• What does being a good friend mean to you?

• How do you make new friends at school or in your neighborhood?

• What are some ways you can show kindness to your friends?

• Can you share a fun memory you have with your best friend?

• How do you handle disagreements or conflicts with your friends?

• What qualities do you think make someone a great friend?

• What are some things you and your friends enjoy doing together?

• How do you feel when a friend is upset, and how can you help them feel better?

• Can you name some things that you appreciate about your friends?

• What do you think makes a friendship strong and lasting?

• What do you think makes a friendship strong and lasting?


• Birds of a Feather Flock Together:

• Definition: People who have similar interests, qualities, or backgrounds tend to associate with one another.

• Example: "Sarah and Emma both love painting and reading, so it's no surprise they're best friends. Birds of a feather flock together!"

• Two Peas in a Pod:

• Definition: Two people who are very similar in behavior, appearance, or interests.

• Example: "Alex and Mark are like two peas in a pod. They both love soccer and enjoy the same video games."

• Make Amends:

• Definition: To repair a broken relationship or resolve a disagreement by apologizing and taking positive actions.

• Example: "After their argument, Mia and Jake decided to make amends by apologizing and talking about their feelings."

• Hit It Off:

• Definition: To get along well with someone right from the start of a friendship or meeting.

• Example: "When I met Lucas at the park, we hit it off immediately and spent the whole afternoon playing together."


• Have you ever done something that you later wished you hadn't? What was it?

• If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be and why?

• Is there a time when you made a decision that you felt proud of and didn't regret at all?

• How do you think people can learn from their regrets to make better choices in the future?

• What's something you might regret if you don't do it in the future?

• How do you feel when you see someone else feeling regretful? What could you do to help them feel better?

• Can you think of a time when you learned a valuable lesson from a mistake you made?

• Do you think it's okay to have some regrets in life? Why or why not?

• What's something positive you can do when you feel regret to turn it into a learning experience?


Cry Over Spilled Milk:

• Definition: To be upset about something that has already happened and cannot be changed.

• Example: "I forgot my lunch at home today, but there's no use crying over spilled milk. I'll bring extra tomorrow."

You Can't Unring a Bell:

• Definition: Once something has been said or done, it cannot be undone or taken back.

• Example: "I wish I hadn't blurted out that secret, but you know what they say: you can't unring a bell."

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