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Speaking Club August 12th:😊😇

Level 3:

• What does success mean to you in the modern world?

• How do you think technology has changed the way people make money today?

• What are some innovative ways people can earn a living in today's society?

• Do you think formal education is still essential for achieving financial success?

• What role does networking play in achieving success in the modern age?

• How do you balance the pursuit of wealth with maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

• Can you give examples of successful entrepreneurs or business people who inspire you?

• What skills do you think are crucial for financial success today?

• Do you believe that following your passion can lead to financial success? Why or why not?

• How has the gig economy impacted the way people earn money nowadays?

• What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of investing in the stock market or other financial ventures?

• How important is continuous learning and self-improvement in achieving financial goals?

• Do you think social media and online platforms can be used to build a successful personal brand and make money?

• What are some ethical considerations people should keep in mind when pursuing financial success?

• Can you share a personal story or experience related to making money and success in the modern age?

• Break the bank

• Meaning: To spend a lot of money, often more than one can afford.

• Example: "I wanted to buy that luxury watch, but it would have broken the bank, so I decided against it."

• Rags to riches

• Meaning: Refers to someone who starts with nothing and becomes very wealthy or successful.

• Example: "Her inspiring story is a true rags-to-riches tale, as she went from poverty to being a successful business owner."

• Put all your eggs in one basket

• Meaning: To invest all of one's resources or efforts into a single venture, which is risky because if that venture fails, everything is lost.

• Example: "Instead of investing all his money in just one stock, he diversified his portfolio so that he wouldn't be putting all his eggs in one basket."

• Hit the jackpot

• Meaning: To achieve unexpected success or gain a substantial reward, often referring to financial gains.

• Example: "Her new business idea really hit the jackpot, and now she's enjoying both financial success and personal satisfaction."

• Who is your all-time favorite movie character, and what qualities make them stand out for you?

• Can you think of a movie character that you find relatable or that reminds you of yourself? Why?

• In your opinion, what movie character had the most significant personal growth or transformation throughout the story?

• Are there any movie characters whose actions or decisions you disagree with, but still find them compelling? Why?

• If you could step into the shoes of any movie character for a day, who would it be and what would you do in their world?

• In someone's shoes:

• Meaning: To imagine oneself in another person's situation or position in order to understand their feelings, thoughts, or experiences.

• Example: "Before criticizing his decisions, try to put yourself in his shoes and understand the challenges he faced."

• Walk a mile in someone's shoes:

• Meaning: Similar to the previous idiom, this expression emphasizes the idea of fully understanding someone's experiences by experiencing them firsthand.

• Example: "It's easy to judge, but you should try walking a mile in her shoes to truly grasp the difficulties she's dealing with."


• What's your favorite movie? Why do you like it?

• If you could be a character in a movie, who would you want to be and why?

• Can you tell us a funny scene from a movie that you really enjoyed?

• What kind of movie do you like best: adventure, comedy, or something else? Why?

• Have you ever seen a movie that made you feel scared or excited? What happened in that movie?

• If you could create your own movie, what would it be about? Who would be the main characters?

• Do you think movies are more fun to watch at home or in a movie theater? Why?

• Can you remember a movie that had a happy ending? What made the ending happy?

• What do you think makes a character in a movie a hero or a heroine?

• If you could travel into a movie for a day, which movie would you choose and what would you do there?

Getting Married:

• What do you think it means to get married?

• Have you been to a wedding before? What was it like?

• What do people wear when they get married? Do you have any favorite wedding clothes?

• What kind of party do people have when they get married? What do they do at the party?

• Do you think getting married is a happy occasion? Why?

• What's something special people do when they get married, like exchanging rings or saying vows?

• If you were planning a wedding, what kind of cake would you want to have?

• What do you think people give to each other as gifts when they get married?

• Do you know any songs that people might dance to at a wedding?

• How do you think people feel on their wedding day? Why?

• Piece of cake:

• Meaning: Something that is very easy to do.

• Example: "Drawing a straight line is a piece of cake!"

• Fish out of water:

• Meaning: Feeling uncomfortable or out of place in a new or unfamiliar situation.

• Example: "When I went to the new school, I felt like a fish out of water because I didn't know anyone."

• Barking up the wrong tree:

• Meaning: Looking in the wrong place or having the wrong idea about something.

• Example: "If you think I ate your cookie, you're barking up the wrong tree! I didn't even see it."

• Don't cry over spilled milk:

• Meaning: Don't worry about something that has already happened and cannot be changed.

• Example: "I accidentally knocked over my drink, but Mom said, 'Don't cry over spilled milk.'"

• Curiosity killed the cat:

• Meaning: Being too curious can lead to trouble or problems.

• Example: "I wanted to open the mysterious box, but I remembered that curiosity killed the cat, so I decided not to."

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