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Speaking Club October 14

Level 3

• What does a stable economy mean to you, and why is it important for a country?

• Can you name some key indicators of a stable economy, such as low unemployment or inflation rates?

• How does government policy impact a nation's economic stability?

• In your opinion, what are the benefits of a stable economy for individuals and businesses?

• What are some common challenges that can threaten a country's economic stability?

• Could you share an example of a country that has experienced economic instability and how they addressed it?

• What role do banks and financial institutions play in maintaining a stable economy?

• How can individuals contribute to economic stability through their financial choices and actions?

• Do you think globalization has a positive or negative impact on economic stability? Why?

• What measures can a government take to stimulate economic growth without risking stability?

• Who, in your opinion, is one of the greatest people in history, and what makes them stand out?

• Can you name a contemporary figure you consider to be one of the greatest people alive today? Why?

• How do you define greatness in a person? What qualities or achievements are essential?

• Are there individuals from your own country who you believe have made a significant global impact? Who are they, and how have they done so?

• If you could have a conversation with any historical or contemporary figure, who would it be and what would you ask them?

• Describe a memorable holiday you have had. Where did you go, what did you do, and why was it special to you?

• Talk about a book you have recently read and explain why you would recommend it to others.

• Describe a historical building or place in your city that you find interesting. Provide details about its history and significance.

• Discuss a technological device that you find particularly useful in your daily life. How has it improved your daily routines?

• Describe a person who has had a significant influence on your life. What kind of impact have they had, and how did you meet them?

• Talk about an adventurous outdoor activity you have experienced. Describe the activity, where you did it, and how you felt during and after it.

• Describe a recent event or celebration in your community that you participated in. What was the event, and how did you contribute to it?

Level 2

• What does it mean to be single?

• Can you name some advantages of being single?

• Do you know anyone in your family or community who is single? How do they spend their time?

• What are some fun activities you can do by yourself when you're single?

• How can single people make new friends and socialize with others?

• What are the responsibilities that single people have to take care of on their own?

• Can you think of a famous person who is single and has achieved a lot in their life?

• What do you think are the best things about being single?

• Are there any challenges that single people might face, and how can they overcome them?

• Do you think everyone will eventually get married, or is it okay to stay single if you want to?

• Describe a place you would like to visit in the future. Where is it, what would you do there, and why do you want to go?

• Talk about a family celebration that you remember. What was the occasion, how did you celebrate it, and why was it special?

• Describe a piece of art that you like (e.g., a painting, sculpture, or photograph). What is it, where did you see it, and why does it appeal to you?

• Discuss a memorable journey you've taken by public transportation. Where did you go, how did you travel, and what made the journey special?

• Describe a person who has had a significant influence on your life. Who are they, how did you meet, and what positive changes have they brought to your life?

• Talk about a recent technological innovation you find interesting. What is it, how does it work, and what potential impact might it have in the future?

• Describe a historical event that you have learned about in school. What was the event, why is it important, and what did you find most interesting about it?

• Discuss a place where you like to go to relax. Where is it, what do you do there, and how does it help you unwind?

• Talk about a meal or dish from your culture that you enjoy. Describe the dish, how it's prepared, and why it's significant in your culture.

• Describe a popular tourist destination in your country. What is it, what can visitors see and do there, and why is it popular among tourists?

• Why do you think people enjoy traveling to new places?

• How has technology changed the way people plan and experience travel?

• What role do art and cultural exhibitions play in promoting a country or city to tourists?

• In what ways can public transportation be improved to make it more efficient and comfortable for passengers?

• How important is it for schools to teach history, and how can it help students in their understanding of the world?


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