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Hello everyone,

Regarding today's speaking club, I have prepared a list of expressions and phrases pertaining to culture and traditions (level 3) which you might find useful to express yourselves effectively on the topic of culture.😊

" In Rome, do as the Romans do"

" The spice of life"

" Like a fish out of water"

" You can take the person out of the culture, but you cannot take the culture out of the person."

" Old habits die hard"

" Different strokes for different folks"

" When in doubt, follow local customs"

" You cannot teach an old dog new tricks"

" Rome wasn't built in one day"

" Our cultural identity shapes who we are and how we perceive the world."

" Traditional practices connect us to our roots and heritage."

" Our differences make us unique and should be celebrated."

" Let's be stewards of our cultural heritage, nurturing and pressing it on."

" Culture is a heartbeat of a society."

Selver Sahbazovic
Enver Celebi


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