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Please make sure you practice using the following idioms tomorrow:)

• "Get the hang of" - To become accustomed to or understand how to do something. Example: "It took me some time, but I finally got the hang of speaking in public."

• "Put in a good word" - To speak positively about someone or recommend them. Example: "If you want a job at that company, I can put in a good word for you with the hiring manager."

• "Lost for words" - Unable to find the right words to express oneself. Example: "When I received the award, I was so surprised that I was completely lost for words."

• "Get straight to the point" - To express something directly and without unnecessary details. Example: "In business meetings, it's important to get straight to the point to save time."

• "Talk someone's ear off" - To talk excessively and without considering the other person's interest. Example: "Be careful when you meet Sarah. She tends to talk your ear off about her latest travel adventures."

• Speak one's mind" - To express one's thoughts or opinions openly and honestly. Example: "During the team meeting, John spoke his mind about the proposed project changes."

• "Put words in someone's mouth" - To misrepresent or attribute words to someone that they didn't say. Example: "Don't put words in my mouth. I never said I was unhappy with the decision."

• "Give someone the cold shoulder" - To ignore or show indifference towards someone.

• Example: "After their argument, she gave him the cold shoulder and didn't speak to him for days."

• "Talk the talk, but not walk the walk" - To speak convincingly about something, but not back it up with action. Example: "He always talks about starting a business, but he never takes any steps to actually do it. He can talk the talk, but not walk the walk."

• Hit the books" - To study or start studying intensively. Example: "I have a big exam tomorrow, so I need to hit the books tonight."

• "Pass with flying colors" - To pass a test or exam with a very high score. Example: "Samantha studied hard and passed her math test with flying colors."

• "School of hard knocks" - A metaphorical term referring to the lessons learned through difficult or challenging experiences in life, rather than through formal education. Example: "Growing up in a rough neighborhood, he learned his lessons in the school of hard knocks."

• Acing a test" - To perform exceptionally well on a test. Example: "After weeks of preparation, she aced her biology exam."

• "Learn the ropes" - To learn or become familiar with the basic skills and knowledge of a particular activity or job. Example: "As a new employee, I'm still learning the ropes of this company's procedures."

• "Cram for an exam" - To study intensely and quickly before an exam. Example: "I didn't have much time to study, so I had to cram for the history test."

• Pass the torch" - To transfer knowledge or responsibility to someone else, often from one generation to the next. Example: "After many years of teaching, the retiring professor passed the torch to a younger colleague."

• "Cutting class" - To skip or not attend a scheduled class without permission. Example: "Some students were caught cutting class and faced disciplinary action."

See you all at 1 pm.😊

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