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Speaking Club October 4, 2023.😊

Level 3

• What historical event or era do you find most fascinating? Why?

• How important is it for a society to preserve its traditions and cultural heritage?

• Describe a traditional celebration or festival from your country. What are the customs and rituals involved?

• Do you think people today value tradition as much as they did in the past? Why or why not?

• Share a historical figure from your country's history who you admire and explain why.

• What role does storytelling play in preserving a nation's history and traditions?

• How has technology impacted the way we learn about history and engage with traditions?

• Discuss a famous historical monument or site you would like to visit and why it interests you.

• Are there any traditions or customs from other countries that you find particularly intriguing or meaningful?

• Do you think it's essential for schools to teach history and traditions, or should this knowledge be acquired through personal interest and exploration?

• If you had the opportunity to change a historical event, what event would it be, and how might it have affected the world today?

• Imagine if important historical figures from the past were alive today. How do you think they would react to the modern world and its advancements?

• If you hadn't learned about your country's history and traditions, how might your perspective on your own culture be different today?

• What would you have done differently in your life if you had grown up in a different historical era? How might your choices have changed?

• If technology hadn't advanced as it did, how would our access to historical information and traditions be different today?

• How do you think the rapid pace of technological advancements has changed the way people communicate with each other?

• In your opinion, what are the benefits and drawbacks of living in a big city versus a small town or rural area?

• Describe the role of advertising in today's society. How does it influence our choices and behaviors?

• Discuss the importance of a healthy work-life balance. What can individuals do to achieve this balance in their lives?

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media for personal and professional purposes?

Level 2

• Do you know someone who goes to work? What do they do at their job?

• How do people at work help each other? Can you give an example?

• What should you do if you have a problem with a coworker?

• Why is it important to be kind and polite to your coworkers?

• Can you think of a time when someone at work made you feel happy? What did they do?

• What do you like about your neighborhood or community?

• How can we help take care of our environment and keep our town or city clean?

• What are some ways we can be good neighbors and friends to the people who live near us?

• Can you think of a time when you helped someone in your community? What did you do?

• Why is it important to follow rules and laws in our society?

• What do you think marriage means, and why do people get married?

• Can you name some traditions or customs related to weddings and marriage in your culture?

• Do you believe that love is the most important factor in a successful marriage? Why or why not?

• How can married couples work together to solve problems and make their relationship strong?

• What are some ways to show love and appreciation to your spouse in a marriage?

• In your opinion, what are the most significant challenges that young people face in today's society?

• How has the role of traditional family structures changed over the years, and what impact has this had on society?

• What do you think are the key factors that contribute to a person's success in their career?

• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of international travel for leisure and its impact on local cultures.

• What are the ethical considerations surrounding the use of technology in healthcare, and how might this affect patient care?


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