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Who among you is brimming with excitement to join the speaking club today!

Delve into our compelling topics and captivating idioms below: )

Level 3:

Current Events and News:

• What news topics are you most interested in? Why?

• How do you stay informed about current events?

• Is there a recent news story that caught your attention? Can you share your thoughts about it?

• What is a recent news story that caught your attention? Can you summarize it briefly?

• How do you feel about the current state of international relations? Are there any recent events that have influenced your opinion?

• What is your perspective on the economic challenges faced by your country or the global economy?

• Can you discuss any recent advancements or breakthroughs in science and technology that you find interesting?

• How do you think recent climate change events or environmental issues are impacting our world?

• Are there any social or political movements happening currently that you support or have opinions about? Why?

• What is your stance on recent discussions around immigration policies or refugee crises?

• Can you share your thoughts on recent developments in the field of health and medicine, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or advancements in vaccinations?

• How have recent technological advancements affected privacy concerns or cybersecurity issues?

• Are there any recent events or controversies related to education that you find noteworthy? Why?

• Can you discuss any recent breakthroughs or controversies in the field of space exploration and astronomy?

• How do recent developments in the entertainment industry, such as new movies or TV shows, impact society and popular culture?

• What is your opinion on recent debates and discussions about social media regulation or the impact of social media on mental health?

• Can you share your thoughts on recent sports events or controversies happening in the world of sports?

• Are there any recent developments or discussions related to human rights issues that have caught your attention?

• What is your perspective on recent advancements in renewable energy and their potential impact on the environment?

• Can you discuss any recent changes or controversies in government policies that you find interesting or concerning?

• How do recent discussions around artificial intelligence and automation affect your view of the future job market?

• What is your opinion on recent breakthroughs or controversies in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology?

• Can you discuss any recent events or debates related to cultural diversity and inclusivity?


• Break the news: To announce or reveal important or significant information. Example: She broke the news to her parents that she was getting married.

• Old news: Something that is no longer new or relevant. Example: Don't bother telling me about it; it's old news now.

• Front-page news: Something that is considered important or significant enough to be featured on the front page of a newspaper. Example: The scandal involving the politician was front-page news for weeks.

• Read between the lines: To infer or understand the hidden or underlying meaning behind what is being said or written. Example: The politician's speech was full of vague statements, but if you read between the lines, you could see his true intentions.

• Get the scoop: To obtain exclusive or inside information about something. Example: The reporter managed to get the scoop on the upcoming product launch.

Level 2:

Celebrations and Holidays:

• What is your favorite holiday or celebration? How do you celebrate it?

• Can you describe a special tradition or activity you do during a holiday?

• Do you have any favorite decorations or costumes for a specific holiday?

• What is your favorite holiday or celebration? Why do you like it?

• Can you describe a typical way your family celebrates a specific holiday?

• Do you have any special traditions or customs during holidays? What are they?

Are there any specific foods or dishes that are associated with the holidays you celebrate?

• How do you and your family decorate your home for holidays or special occasions?

• Are there any games or activities that you enjoy during holiday celebrations?

• Do you exchange gifts during holidays? Can you share a memorable gift you received?

• Are there any specific songs or music that you associate with certain holidays?

• Do you have any favorite holiday movies or shows that you like to watch?

• Are there any holidays or celebrations from other cultures that you find interesting?

• Have you ever celebrated a holiday in a different country or experienced a different cultural celebration? Can you share your experience?

• What is your favorite memory from a holiday celebration? Describe it.

• How do you feel during holiday seasons? What makes them special for you?

• Are there any holidays or celebrations that you don't particularly enjoy? Why?

• Do you have any special talents or skills that you showcase during holiday celebrations?

• Have you ever participated in a community or school event to celebrate a holiday? Can you describe it?

• Do you think it's important to learn about and respect the holidays and celebrations of different cultures? Why or why not?

• If you could create your own holiday, what would it be like? What would people do to celebrate it?

• What do you think is the true meaning or significance of holidays and celebrations?


• Paint the town red: To go out and celebrate or have a great time. Example: Let's paint the town red and celebrate our team's victory!

• Party animal: Someone who loves attending parties and social gatherings. Example: Lisa is a real party animal. She never misses a chance to go out and have a good time.

• Live it up: To enjoy oneself to the fullest, often during a celebration or special occasion. Example: It's your birthday! Let's go out and live it up tonight!

• Have a blast: To have a great time or a lot of fun. Example: We had a blast at the summer carnival, riding the rides and eating cotton candy.

• Bring down the house: To evoke enthusiastic applause or a positive reaction from an audience. Example: The band's performance was so energetic that they brought down the house at the concert.•

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