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Here are two scintillating topics and some idioms.😊

Level 3

 Food and Sustainability:


·         What are some sustainable practices related to food production and consumption?

·         How can individuals make more environmentally-friendly food choices?

·         Can you discuss the importance of food security and reducing food waste?

·         What does "sustainable food" mean to you? How can we promote sustainable food practices?

·         What are some ways to reduce food waste in our daily lives?

·         How does the transportation of food impact its sustainability? Is it better to eat local or imported food?

·         What are the benefits of organic farming? Are there any drawbacks?

·         Can you discuss the concept of "farm-to-table" and its importance in promoting sustainability?

·         How can individuals make more sustainable choices when dining out at restaurants?

·         What role do genetically modified organisms (GMOs) play in food sustainability?

·         Can you describe some alternative food sources that are more sustainable, such as plant-based proteins?

·         How can we support sustainable fishing practices and protect marine ecosystems?

·         What are the environmental impacts of intensive livestock farming? Are there alternatives to traditional meat consumption?

·         What are the advantages and challenges of urban farming and community gardens?

·         Can you discuss the concept of food sovereignty and its relationship to sustainability?

·         How can technology and innovation contribute to creating a more sustainable food system?

·         What are the social and economic aspects of food sustainability? How does it relate to issues of food justice?

·         Can you think of any successful examples of sustainable food initiatives or projects in your community or country?

·         What are the effects of climate change on agriculture and food production? How can we mitigate these effects?

·         How can education and awareness campaigns promote sustainable food practices among the general public?

·         What are some ways to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture in your community?

·         Can you discuss the role of food labels and certifications in helping consumers make sustainable choices?

·         How can governments and policies contribute to building a more sustainable food system?




·         You are what you eat: This idiom suggests that our health and well-being are influenced by the food we consume.

·         The proof of the pudding is in the eating: This means that the true value or quality of something can only be determined by experiencing or trying it.

·         The icing on the cake: This idiom refers to something that makes a good situation even better or more enjoyable.

·         Sell like hotcakes: This means that something is selling very quickly or in high demand.

A recipe for disaster: This idiom describes a situation or action that is likely to result in a negative outcome.

·         Sour grapes: This idiom refers to a person who belittles or criticizes something they desire but cannot have.

·         Spice things up: This means to add excitement or variety to a situation or relationship.

·         In a nutshell: This idiom is used to summarize or describe something concisely.

·         Full of beans: This idiom means to be full of energy, enthusiasm, or excitement.





Space Exploration:


·         What are your thoughts on space exploration and discoveries?

·         How do you think space exploration benefits humanity?

·         Would you be interested in traveling to space? Why or why not?

·         What are some reasons why humans explore space? Why is space exploration important?

·         Can you name some significant milestones or achievements in the history of space exploration?

·         What are the potential benefits of space exploration for scientific research and technological advancements?

·         How do you think space exploration has impacted our understanding of the universe and our place in it?

·         What challenges do astronauts face when living and working in space for extended periods of time?

·         Can you discuss the role of international cooperation in space exploration missions?

·         What are some current or upcoming space exploration missions or projects that you find interesting?

·         How has space exploration contributed to our knowledge of Earth's environment and climate change?

·         What are some ethical considerations or concerns related to space exploration?

·         Can you explain the concept of space tourism and its potential impact on future space exploration?

·         How do you think the private sector's involvement in space exploration is shaping the future of space travel?

·         Can you discuss the importance of robotic missions in exploring and studying other planets and celestial bodies?

·         What are some potential risks and challenges humans may face when venturing to other planets or establishing colonies in space?

·         How can space exploration inspire and engage younger generations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields?

·         Can you describe the role of space telescopes in observing and studying distant galaxies and celestial objects?

·         What are the economic implications and potential commercial opportunities associated with space exploration?





·         Shoot for the moon: This idiom means to set ambitious goals or aim for something extraordinary.

·         Out of this world: This idiom describes something as exceptional or extraordinary.

·         To be over the moon: This means to be extremely happy or delighted about something.

·         To be lost in space: This idiom refers to being confused or disoriented, as if floating aimlessly.


·         To be in orbit: This idiom means to be completely focused or absorbed in something.

·         To have stars in one's eyes: This idiom describes someone who is idealistic or dreamy, often about future possibilities.

·         To be a rocket scientist: This idiom is used humorously to imply that something is extremely complex or difficult to understand.

·         To be in another galaxy: This idiom refers to being out of touch with reality or having unconventional thoughts.

·         To be a shooting star: This idiom describes someone who experiences sudden success or fame but doesn't sustain it.


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